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Cumberland Municipal Court

Cumberland Municipal Court is held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month starting at 1:00 pm with the Honorable Kenneth Bowen presiding.

COURT DATE: The Date on your citation is the date in which your citation will process through the Court. This Date is your opportunity to enter a plea to the charge. You must appear on your Court date if ‘Yes’ is marked next to the ‘appearance required’ or ‘mandatory appearance’ on your citation.

PLEA: You may plead Guilty, No Contest, or Not Guilty to the violation you are being charged with. For more information on Court Proceedings and what will happen in Court with various pleas, contact the Court Clerk.

PAYMENTS: Payments can be made online at Payments can also be mailed to Cumberland Municipal Court, 950 1st Avenue, Cumberland, WI 54829 or in person (preferably on Wednesday and with exact change). If paying in person, bring your citation with you.

TIME TO PAY: If you are in need of additional time to pay, you must contact the Court to make arrangements on your Court Date or earlier. The Court may have you sign a payment agreement, describing the terms of the agreement and action the Court will take if those terms are broken. You may sign the agreement in person or have it sent through the mail and it then MUST be returned to the Court.

QUESTIONS: Questions or concerns regarding your citation and case proceedings should be directed to the Clerk of Court by calling (715) 822-3646 or emailing
[email protected].