Top 10 Things I Love About Cumberland

If you want your top 10 things you love about Cumberland included, please e-mail them to clerk@cityofcumberland.net.

Top 10 Things I Love about Cumberland…. By Mayor Skinner

  1. Friendliness of the community and the support people give one another.
  2. Beaver Dam Lake- It's beauty and the water activities it offers.
  3. Recreational activities of the surrounding area, including hunting, fishing, skiing, golf, biking, and many others.
  4. Schools- Enrollment is small which allows individual attention and more participation in all extra activities.
  5. Beautiful campground, parks, beach, and municipal eighteen hole golf course.
  6. Quality Municipal airport
  7. Hospitals and clinics. A wide choice of highly trained professional staff.
  8. Police and Fire Department provide a safe atmosphere for individuals and families to live and work.
  9. The Thomas St Angelo library- Lovely facility with wide circulation and many programs available.
  10. Active business community involved in several annual events.

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Carol

  1. Friendly, caring residents.
  2. Natural beauty –clean lakes, green space, trees
  3. Recreational opportunities – golf, cross country ski, fishing, boating, walking
  4. I feel safe – good police, fire, ambulance
  5. Proximity to larger cities
  6. Community values – churches, food pantry, senior center
  7. Good Schools
  8. Health services – availability of hospital, clinic, dentist
  9. Local stores and restaurants
  10. Clean air, good water (utilities)

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Adam

  1. The quality of lakes.
  2. Friendly and safe place to raise a family(quality of life).
  3. Close by to many acres of public hunting and trails.
  4. Good school system.
  5. Good area restaurants.
  6. Good hospitals.
  7. Good public golf course.
  8. Numerous supportive businesses to the community.
  9. Many fun community events.
  10. Good public library.

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Sharon

  1. It was a great place to raise our 3 children.
  2. Our school system is small enough without being “too small”. They all had opportunities to participate in extra circular activities if they wanted, without having to try-out to see if they were good They received a good education and continued on with their schooling.
  3. We were able to enjoy the lake with fishing and waterskiing.
  4. We were able to participate and enjoy outdoor activities in the winter.
  5. Now that we are retired, and the children are on their own, we still find it a great place to live;
  6. Friendly business people, good food, LOVE ETC (Enrichment Thru Culture),
  7. Still enjoy the lake.
  8. We don’t have to travel far to purchase 90 percent of our goods.
  9. Also love the fact that we have concerned citizens that are trying to keep us from becoming a stagnant community by forming groups to brainstorm ways to achieve this.
  10. We have a terrific library.

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by CA

  1. Though we may fight amongst ourselves as individuals, we come together as a community when someone has a need.
  2. Christmas
  3. The Marching Band
  4. Schools and all the programs they support/offer in the community
  5. The abundance of wildlife
  6. The Hospital, Clinic, etc and the ease of access & quality of healthcare they provide
  7. The thriving arts scene
  8. The emphasis the community takes on its children
  9. The Municipal support services – Police, Fire, EMT, Utility, etc
  10. Location – if we don’t have something you need locally (which is rare), the ability to get where you need to go fairly quickly is a real bonus

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Barry

#1 - My list only has one thing but I feel it’s important enough to be listed as the top ten. That is; the overwhelming amount of support this community throws behind worthy causes and for the overall betterment of the community. I feel it’s unsurpassed by any other town our size in the greater area.

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Dan & Joy

  1. Small town flavor
  2. Beautiful seasons, fall winter spring & summer
  3. Friendly people
  4. Benefits from local farm foods available to us/farmers markets
  5. Fishing. Not having to travel very far too different lakes in this area for a variety of fishing.
  6. Hunting (deer and turkey) in the area
  7. Fresh air
  8. Swimming
  9. Rutabaga fest
  10. Louie's

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by DD

  1. Lakes
  2. parks
  3. schools
  4. jobs
  5. friends
  6. restaurants
  7. churches

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Diane

  1. I was born and raised here
  2. went to some great schools here
  3. love small town living
  4. know so many people
  5. A very clean city
  6. Merchants keep their stores updated
  7. a friendly city
  8. ETC (Enrichment thru Culture)
  9. choice of churches
  10. beautiful lakes

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Dick

  1. Rutabaga Festival
  2. Fireworks at the 4th of July
  3. Great School System and teaching staff!
  4. Great tasting water from the faucet!
  5. Good access for Medical Treatment
  6. Small town living with easy access to larger cities.
  7. Friendly people
  8. Lots of fishing lakes nearby
  9. Beaver Dam Lake for recreating
  10. Surrounded by good hunting land

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Mike

  1. Friendliness of community residents
  2. Quality of life (low crime, healthy amenities and clean air/water)
  3. Community engagement and willingness to serve
  4. Business community desire to satisfy
  5. Quality education system
  6. Strong faith community
  7. Laid back lifestyle
  8. Free standing community - all necessary services available
  9. Wonderful outdoor recreational opportunities
  10. Responsive city service providers

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Pauli

  1. Infrastructure basics to live here (health care, schools, food suppliers, anchor businesses)
  2. Recreation: Golf, Trails, Lakes, Bars
  3. Shopping: Retail stores
  4. Dining: good mix of casual to higher end
  5. Proximity to larger cities and airports
  6. Clean lakes
  7. Small town feel
  8. Active people in the community
  9. A nice mix of locals and weekenders
  10. Vibrant Downtown

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Theresa

  1. The lake cleanliness and access.
  2. The business diversity that we have for our size all in a central downtown area.
  3. Tourist park.
  4. The campground.
  5. Louie's Finer Meats.
  6. The friendliness and helpfulness of Cumberland citizens - vibrant and active groups like Kiwanis.
  7. The entertainment options for a town of our size is good.
  8. LOVE the library.
  9. Pete and Annie's Market - general store concept is great.
  10. Tower house used to be on this list and may be there again if it opens and is good.

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Tia

  1. The welcoming nature of the people who live here
  2. How business-friendly the local government is
  3. The variety of things to do year round (Live music, Festivals, Fishing, Hiking, Boating, ATV, Snowmobiling, Antiquing, Food, Biking, Theatre, Art, Hunting, Farmer's Market, etc.)
  4. Clean air, water, lifestyle
  5. Beautiful scenery
  6. Proximity to major cities
  7. Proximity to state parks
  8. Tranquility
  9. Wildlife
  10. Who doesn't like cheese and cranberries!!!!

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Tom & Chris

  1. Beaver Dam Lake : main reason we came back to Cumberland to Retire
  2. Small town atmosphere; Fed up with traffic in St. Louis, Chicago, Orlando, Richmond, Where we lived for extended periods
  3. Friendly people - neighbors
  4. Weather; the true 4 seasons of the year
  5. Golf course at reasonable prices
  6. Rutabaga – what an event for a small town to hold
  7. Having the clinic and hospital in the city, don’t have to drive to RL or Eau Claire.
  8. Having Pete’s auto shop close by.
  9. Louie’s meat Market – not many cities can boast about having a world class meat market
  10. Nezzy’s - where everyone knows your name (Hah!!)

Top 10 Thing I Love about Cumberland… by Tom

  1. Beaver Dam Lake
  2. Golf Course
  3. Small town feel
  4. “Island” city
  5. School system
  6. athletic facilities
  7. utilities (new WWTP)

Ok – so Tom could only think of 7 when put on the spot